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The Feast Table of Love

The Feast Table of Love

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The young artist comes to the Elder artist to learn about making art and receives a gift. The teacher does more than just teach her how to make art, rather she offers an approach to making art that begins to change the consciousness of the student.

Tea by the fire and conversation lead to an awakening. When the student sees the amazing table that her teacher has made she asks to hear the story. The teacher begins to tell her how the table is made and all that goes into the making of art with love. How the teacher tells the story touches on deeply moving topics like how artists interact with issues like hunger, violence, and our dreams for a better world. This way of working sparks the student to begin a look at her own art-based activism and what kind of art she wants to make.

This illustrated story is a sharing of the experience of how Intentional Creativity shapes the creation, as well as the one creating. The second part of the book shares the ‘herstory’ of the original table, photos, as well as the roots of the Movement this approach to creating has catalyzed.

6x9, Perfect Bound Soft Cover, 158 Pages.