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"Yes, I am definitely one of 'those people' who think that everyone is an artist. I believe that we are all Creators, we are born that way. And so each of us can find, access, and express that divine connection with all life, called creativity.  I do think art saves lives. I have seen it and heard it first hand. When we create, we are empowered to answer the soul's knocking.

I do not think people have to have skill, or even feel creative to just get started and experience the benefits of art as sacred spiritual practice.  If we will just pick up a paint brush, a journal, a drum, if we will just move our body to music, if we will risk being creative and bold, we will experience and taste fruit. These journals help the fruit to get closer to our mouths as we reach our faces to the sun to take a bit of the sweetness cascading from the trees. Just make art. It does not have to be good. It does not have to be shared. It certainly does not have to be validated, sold or exhibited. Art is art is art. And when we create with a healing intention. Art is medicine." - Shiloh Sophia McCloud