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Shelter of the Sacred

Shelter of the Sacred

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Shelter of the Sacred is a book of poetry by Shiloh Sophia.

Within these page there are many of our community favorites like She Will Become Stardust and For Those Who are Obsessed, Hidden Self, Whispering to Hurricanes, This Revolution Will Not Be Ugly, Marking Death and Something is Happening. These were all published in her Red Thread Letters and through Facebook they were shared hundreds of thousands of times since they resonated with so many.

From the hurricanes, fires, shootings, climate change, drilling on Native Land and election impacts, the poems bring her thoughts to life on encountering tragedy and creating resilience. There is also, as always a true to form call to say yes, to show up and to participate.

These, not unlike Tea with the Midnight Muse will be great for circles and ceremonies - but also for self healing and reflection and action. There are also personal poems woven in for love and members of her community and lineage.

Author Shiloh Sophia

Publisher: Cosmic Cowgirls Ink LLC
222 Pages