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On a Wing and a Dream

On a Wing and a Dream

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This book is an invitation to dream.
To consider new possibilities for your life.
To ponder and pray and seek your purpose.
You are invited to take up creativity as a practice.
You are called to be unreasonable in pursuit of your dreams!

Everyone has a dream to live. We are all here on special
assignment to fulfill our purpose, even if we don’t know
what that is yet. We don’t have to get it right, get it done
or even feel like we are our own super hero. But we do
have to choose. Choose that we are indeed on a path,
to which we can say yes or no. If we say no, we miss
the incredible opportunity to live our own dream.

Fulfillment is possible, and it is not about being
perfect or getting rid of our baggage first.
Fulfillment is about living within intention.
The wild and illusive pursuit of fulfillment
is the destination. Are you ready? Say YES!

Shiloh Sophia McCloud shares her visionary
wisdom through a collection of her writings,
poetry and illustrations. She asks the reader to
consider their own dreams and creative visions,
and to take action on them!

This encouraging offering is sure to inspire!