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Tea with the Midnight Muse

Tea with the Midnight Muse

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Tea with the Midnight Muse is a collection of poems, rants & prayers written over the span of twenty years to Shiloh Sophia's global community as 'Red Thread Letters.' She considers these writings 'medicine for the soul' as she speaks from her own experience as well as the story of the collective feminine. "This work is an invitation to take a deep dive into the uncharted territory of the Muse as an access point to your own creative fire. Here you discover the sweetness where suffering and joy meet, and ask one another to dance in the mystery."

Part One features over 55 inspirational invocations followed by creative practices which each include inquiries, teachings, and mini-guided journeys. You are led across an alchemical bridge into a secret room of your own. Here you may encounter your own Muse and see what wants to be revealed. The content is designed to awaken and catalyze the reader to choose themselves, their lives, their own creative soul and dive in to what's possible. Part Two features another series of writings, a personal encounter with Shiloh Sophia's wild-hearted Muse who lures her with peanut butter, chocolate and leopard print lingerie, as well as introduces you to the characters in her life, both the dark and light figures which have shaped her into who she is.

This is a call to transcend the old stories and patterns and step into a new framework. "The Muse shows us what we did not see only moments before, that which is peeking out just behind the veil of consciousness and beckons us to the unknown." So get a cup of tea, light a candle, a journal and some colored pens and let's dive in to Tea with the Midnight Muse. You never know what might be revealed. Proceed with caution, contents may have shifted during flight....