Heartwood Volume 1
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Heartwood Volume 1

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Good Morning, I Love You

It’s what I say every morning. Yes, every morning to my lover. I usually wake before her, even by a few minutes.

Her hair falls to her pillow and into half of her face and I find myself forgetting to breathe. She suspends reality for me, just for a moment. When she opens her eyes and as her senses come online, I always, always whisper to her in my most clear and gentle voice:

“Good Morning. I Love You.”

There is a pause between the two phrases. Just to convey the gravitas of what I am saying and to give it that soft lilt that I mean it to carry.

I am grateful, yes, that she is there. I cannot think of her not being there. not at all. As you, the reader shall see, this will be an exercise in love that two can share. The love and devotion and care that I feel for her is astonishing to me. I am lucky to share it with you and even more lucky to think that she is in love with me and wants that to remain in place for the rest of our lives.

My intention here is to allow you to dream freely. Let yourself be taken from your place and time, just as we are. Suspend disbelief that the ordinary is even allowed to be. Replace reality with a snapshot to a dream. Join us for a moment as we turn phrases in love to one another and with and for you.

Welcome traveler....

Will you rest and dream with us for a while?


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Volume 1: 70 Pages with Illustrations